ROCTANSA & RIOGENIL Trading S.A. has been providing Logistics, Trading and Financial Services for more than 4 years now. Its market and products have been developed under the basis of more than 40 years of experience on logistics and International Trade.

ROCTANSA & RIOGENIL Trading S.A. offers various services that are complementary.

Logistics: ROCTANSA & RIOGENIL Trading S.A. offers Shipping and Railway logistics.

Trading: ROCTANSA & RIOGENIL Trading S.A. Offers various HQ Raw materials with direct and exclusive trade rights with primary producers, with no intermediaries or mediators between us and our customers.

Financing: ROCTANSA & RIOGENIL Trading S.A on certain cases with consolidated and direct customers, also performs Financial assistance, and management to facilitate easy, fluent, secure and fast transactions.


Our Company was founded on 2006 by a group of Proffessionals with more than 40 years of experience on Trading, Railway Transport, International Trade Commerce and Logistics.

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